What Our Clients Are Saying


“Having Keith to come alongside us has been critical in our estate planning. He has helped us in the areas of organization, protection and peace. Another way to put it is: Organization + Protection = Peace. His planned approach to our estate design helps us to assimilate our financial assets into our overall footprint we wish to leave behind. We have confidence for the future while we remain here and for our family once we are gone to be with the Lord.”

– Dr. Stephen Barnes, Sr.



“When we first met Keith, we were in the process of interviewing several financial planners. For us, this was a life-time decision that meant we needed a trusted partnership with a common goal to work with us. When we interviewed everyone else, we felt they were just plugging us into their cookie-cutter program of investing. What’s worse, they did not seem genuine nor did they have a comprehensive model that could address all of our needs. It seemed very narrow in scope.

From the first meeting onward, Keith expressed a genuine interest in what we are currently doing and how to plan it better for our family. It was not about his bottom line. It was about OUR bottom line.

When we left our first meeting with Keith, I felt very comfortable. I am respected. There’s a level of respect and openness as Keith listens to me, my needs and opinions. Keith is very calming and provides incredible guidance and direction.

Keith had me at “Hello!” with his warmth, smile and openness. He was able to articulate and implement a complete plan. I feel safe. I am comfortable here. We tease each other in our meetings – we have fun.”

– Monica Knight



“Depth. The depth of our whole plan was well beyond what we could have thought of on our own. The comprehensive model will challenge you to think about more than just the typical things other advisors discuss.

Taxes. My wife and I work extremely hard and we were on track to “work-work-work” without also working to reduce our tax burdens… all to our huge disadvantage. Keith helped us understand new and innovative ways to tackle taxes.

Protection. The protection area was really emphasized in our plan. His process included helping us protect what we are currently doing and what we plan for the future with an outlook of protection that extended beyond just our current family but, for our kids’ future as well.

Follow-Through. The follow-through that One Trusted Advisor has really separates them from others. There are a lot of laws and strategies to understand as they are implemented well. To think I can do this on my own – I am just kidding myself.

Value. There is value in going through One Trusted Advisor’s process. Not just for the education and planning but, there are sincere, open and truthful relationships developed. They are not just looking for the next transaction; they look to improve their model by helping you achieve your goals. It works!

Unique. One Trusted Advisor has a very unique approach. Others say they have it but really don’t. I encourage you to “look and see.” Not only does their program set them apart from the rest but, the way their organization and resources are deployed is inherent and aligned with the process.”

– Joey Knight



“In the past, I did not feel like I was getting good tax advice. I would meet with my accountant, then investment person, then my attorney and then someone would have a question and I would have to try to synthesize it all by myself.

Regarding estate planning, wills and trusts, we would ask people, including attorneys, how to avoid taxes and their answer was often that taxes were unavoidable.

Our advisors were just too basic and lacked comprehensive creativity.

Keith, on the other hand, took a great deal of time to understand our needs, learn where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. Then, he came back with a truly comprehensive series of solutions. He approached everything comprehensively and together, not just one-sided like our previous experiences. We saved a lot of taxes…we are on track to meet our goals…we feel great!

We are all way too busy – busier than God wants us to be. My wife, Nan, and I talk about this kind of stuff but usually only at a high level. Sitting with my wife, talking through things with Keith, going deeper has been great. For my wife, there is a lot of security in that.”

– John Higgins



“Prior to meeting Keith, I had advisors that I was talking to infrequently, maybe once or twice a year. On top of that, when we did meet, it would always be on a very narrow focus. It was never a big picture of how my investments related to my insurance and how my cash flows were working and how that tied to real estate, etc. It was very frustrating.

Every advisor has their own kind of thing… their niche – mutual funds, life insurance, wills, tax returns, etc. But nobody is looking at how all the plates are spinning and looking at everything.

When my wife and I met with Keith it was a great relief to have someone look at the whole picture… and it was not just “you need to put this much into this investment” but instead Keith emphasized that we have to look at everything and how it all works together. He impressed upon us that if we discovered it was not working well together, we needed to get it working well AND to align everything with our longer term goals. This is what sets Keith apart from everyone else.”

– John Boskind



“I was referred to Keith by someone I respect and had worked with. We were told he offers a highly integrated program and is very thorough.  Frankly, I was wondering if Keith could really fulfill the level of breadth and depth and all-encompassing view we desired. I went into our first meetings with high expectations and Keith fulfilled them very well.

When my wife and I first met with Keith, perhaps the biggest thing that impacted us was just how personally engaged he was with us. He has a very friendly and trustworthy approach and presents himself and his company well. He is very up front and open and we really appreciated that. He is also very thoughtful in the way he responds when we have a question – he answers our questions fully and in an understandable way.

Another very important aspect was that he has a very well-structured approach and process – very systematic – a 360 degree view. The initial organizational visuals were very good. And beyond those visuals, he uses computer tools to support them. His analyses that show the progression of decisions over the years – what if different things happened,…what would be the impact, etc. – they were all very helpful to the structure and process we engaged in.

Keith provided us perspective around a vision and how to go forward with that vision. What’s more, he was clear how to integrate everything with that vision for me and the welfare of my family. The whole big picture is clear.”

– Claudio Abreu