Frequently Asked Questions


How can I trust you?

The initial meetings are designed for you to get to know us. We diligently verify our strategies and recommendations. This verification helps develop trust. Also, you may at any time request to speak to some of our many clients and ask them questions about our honesty and ethics.

How are you an expert at so many things?

To put it simply – time, training and experience. I come from a long line business owners. In 1986, I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. I’ve worked in corporate accounting at GNC in the 1980s and in private accounting at Ernst and Young and Coopers & Lybrand in the early 1990s. I graduated from law school in 1992. I’ve worked in the District Attorney’s and U.S. Attorney’s offices in the 1990s, a 40+ person law firm in the mid-1990s and I started my current law practice in 1995. Since then, I have counseled hundreds of clients and I have, by God’s grace and mercy, learned alongside them what works well and what does not.

What amount of average cost recovery may I expect?

Although this may be hard to believe, an ideal new client with significant profits and wealth may recover around $40,000 or more in the first year. What’s especially surprising is that if these costs can be recovered into the future, the savings could reach into the thousands, if not millions, of dollars over a lifetime. Obviously, there are no guarantees to any cost recovery.

How much time does this involve?

Gathering all of the information we need usually takes about one to two hours. Then, both meetings may each involve another hour to hour and a half. Frankly, however, the time flies and they are very enjoyable and informative. Plus, for example, if you recover $40,000, and it takes four hours total, you are recovering $10,000 per hour!

How many clients do you have?

If you define “client” as everyone who has ever paid me a few, then several hundred, perhaps a thousand. Of those who have chosen to be part of our Steady Guidance program, we have over two hundred who enjoy our services on either a quarterly or triennial basis. We diligently guard and balance our capacity to accept new clients and provide impeccable ongoing service.

Am I an ideal client for you?

This question is best answered after we talk. When you schedule a meeting, we will have a short phone call together for you to gauge and answer that question for yourself.