One Trusted Advisor Combines Tax, Financial, Legal and Business Expertise

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Stop Wasting Time and Money with Multiple Advisors and Discover a Simple Process that Works

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A Lifetime of Decisions with Many Advisors Creates a Junk Drawer of Documents, Products and Strategies

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Would You Like One Trusted Advisor to Clear Out The Clutter and Complexity?

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Looking for One Trusted Advisor?


1. Schedule an Introduction

Let’s meet so that you can
learn more about us and
our unique program.


2. Listening Session

We will clarify your vision
and identify
areas for improvement.


3. Success Strategies Report

You’ll receive strategies and
begin creating your
well-orchestrated design.

You Are 3 Steps Away From Clarity

“What attracted me to One Trusted Advisor was their integrated approach to estate, financial and tax planning. I wanted to find a firm that would greatly simplify the process and offer their services at a reasonable cost. One Trusted Advisor is truly a one stop shop.”

Kathy Ditlevson

“I’m drawn to the advisor who listens and designs solutions. This is the expertise of Keith Knell.”

Ron Doyle

“When we left our first meeting with Keith, I felt very comfortable. I am respected. There’s a level of respect and openness as Keith listens to me, my needs and opinions. Keith is very calming and provides incredible guidance and direction.”

Monica Knight



Confidently implement
your success strategies, knowing
your tax, financial, legal and business
areas interplay well.

hammockPeace of Mind

Rest and relax,
knowing that
everything is highly-organized and
working to impact your life and
the lives of those around you.


Ongoing Counsel

Receive steady guidance
through all the seasons of your life.
You’ll find our ongoing counsel invaluable.
Call us with questions on anything.

What Do Your Professional Services Cost?

There is no cost for our initial consultation. We will discuss our various Program fees and how we may  offset them by recovering a wide array of costs.  Cost recovery possibilities include tax costs, legal and accounting fees, business consulting fees, insurance premiums, investment fees and commissions.


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